News • May 4, 2022

The Supreme Court's Draft Decision: What it Means & What You Can Do

On Monday night, Politico reported that the Supreme Court is poised to strike down Roe v. Wade in the coming weeks. We are writing to you from our hearts to state clearly where we stand, and what we can do together to protect reproductive healthcare and continue to fight for equality.

First, we are outraged as we know you are. We know that abortions are essential healthcare and that access to safe healthcare is a human right. It is not a topic of debate. We also know that abortions and safe reproductive healthcare are not just a women's issue, they are a wider trans, nonbinary, and intersex issue. Reproductive healthcare intersects all of our lives, and lack of access to reproductive healthcare has been a long standing issue for our LGBTQ+ communities. What abortion challenges have always been about is a concerted effort by extremists to restrict our right to control our bodies, our health, and our lives.

Second, here is what the draft document means. Today, the court's draft decision does not change the law. Unfortunately it does signal that women, queer people, and BIPOC communities are in the crosshairs. Justice Alito's words signal the reprehensible attacks on reproductive rights and bodily autonomy will be furthered by Trump-appointed conservative judges within the Supreme Court. The impact of this draft, if passed by the Court as their final decision, will be disastrous. Twenty-six states have laws that would likely or certainly ban abortion in-state upon the overturn of a federal ban on abortion restrictions. Pregnant people will be forced to carry fetuses to term, causing lasting damage to their mental and physical health.

Third, Justice Alito recognizes that Roe v. Wade is connected to other cases that have affirmed LGBTQ+ rights such as Lawrence v. Texas, and Obergefell v. Hodges. The Supreme Court this week has signaled that they will follow conservative agendas rather than extend justice for all. In the document, Justice Alito signals that the court sees abortion rights and LGBTQIA+ rights as modern inventions rather than essential civil rights for all Americans and will seek to limit, or overturn these federal protections.

Kendra Johnson, Executive Director of Equality NC stated:

"This is a moment that many progressive voices have been warning about since 2016. It is devastating to see this news. We are outraged and we are hurting. We hope that in the coming weeks the Supreme Court reconsiders this decision. Most importantly, our community is resolute and impassioned. This will not stop our work, and it reinvigorates each of us to see progressive voices elected, and equality-focused legislation and abortion protection passed."

We know our hard won civil rights are not just modern social issues, they are inalienable rights, and our country has much work to continue to do to extend restoration and equality to all Americans. We stand with you in your pain, and we validate your frustration. There is work to be done, and we each will come together to continue the work toward equality and justice for all.

Today we urge you to take the following actions:

  1. Support Carolina Abortion Fund and other reproductive organizations in the South.
  2. Contact your current representatives and tell them we must pass North Carolina protections for reproductive healthcare for all.
  3. Vote today! Early voting runs until May 14. Make sure to visit our voting hub to find an early voting location and make your voice heard by voting for one of our endorsed candidates.
  4. If you are able, consider donating to Equality NC today to support our work across that state that supports progressive minded candidates, registers voters, and supports programs that enhance the lives of LGBTQ+ and BIPOC North Carolinians.

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