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Voting is so crucial–it’s one of the most impactful ways you can make a difference in the existing political structure. Our communities need to be protected and need to thrive–we need to create a politics where that is possible. Registering to vote–and then turning up at the polls–is one terrific step towards that vision of racial justice and equity. We’re so pleased to offer these tools for folks to become voters! The future of North Carolina depends on your vote!  With this tool you can check your registration below, or register or sign up for reminders below.

Register To Vote

Register To Vote

It takes less than 2 minutes to register!

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Vote By Mail

Vote By Mail

Can't or don't want to vote in person on Election Day? Request an absentee ballot.

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Sign Up for Election Reminders

Sign Up for Election Reminders

We'll remind you when and what you need to vote, so that you never miss an election again.

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Pledge To Register

Too young to vote? Pledge to register and we'll text you a reminder on your 18th birthday.

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Find Early Voting Locations

Need to find where to vote early? Search by your address for all early voting information including location and hours.

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Locate Your Polling Place

Need to find your polling place? Search by your address for polling places new you.

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Track Your Ballot Application

Need to track they status of your ballot by mail application? We can help you.

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