Meet Our Team


Eliazar Posada (he/him)

Interim Executive Director

Eliazar Posada, our Interim Executive Director, joined the team in 2022. He manages day-to-day operations, strategic planning, and organizational leadership. Bilingual and energetic, Eliazar is a committed community leader and advocate with over seven years of experience working with nonprofit organizations to meet community needs in North Carolina. They have presented at over 50 conferences and panels, managed large and small teams, and overseen multi-million dollar budgets. Previously, he served as the Organizing Director at Equality North Carolina, developing and implementing new fundraising strategies and managing statewide political plans. Eliazar holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government from Campbell University and has completed additional training in nonprofit management and municipal government. Their commitment to equality in North Carolina is driven by their passion for advocating for marginalized communities and fostering social change.

Laura Meyers (she/her)

Operations Director

Laura Meyers joined the team in 2021 and is the Operations Director at Equality North Carolina, where she manages internal processes, streamlines workflows, and ensures operational efficiency. With over fifteen years of experience in the nonprofit sector, she has not just served but significantly impacted marginalized communities on the local and state levels, providing essential expertise in programming and event management. Previously, she worked at several nonprofit organizations, including PORCH-Durham and Compass Center in Chapel Hill. Her commitment to equality in North Carolina is a desire and a proven track record of building a safer world for future generations.


Jazmynne Cruz (they/them)

Communications Director

Jazmynne Cruz joined the team in 2024 and is the Communications Director at Equality North Carolina, where they develop communication strategies, oversee media relations and manage public outreach. Jazmynne, with a solid educational foundation in African and African American Studies from Duke University and a certificate in Documentary Studies, brings a unique perspective to their role. With nearly a decade of experience in the nonprofit sector, they have dedicated and honed their skills in building power within marginalized communities throughout the US South and the country. Previously, they worked at Equality Federation, where they served as the communications strategist. Their commitment to equality in North Carolina is not just a belief but a strategic approach that includes intersectionality and power for those at the margins of our justice system.


Gillian Hayden (she/her)

Development Director

Gillian joined Equality North Carolina in 2024 and is the Development Director, focusing on development and fundraising for underserved populations and social causes. Originally from Portsmouth, England, she has resided in the Triangle area for over twenty years. Gillian has dedicated her career to the nonprofit sector, most recently serving as the Director of Development for The Durham Center for Senior Life, where she concentrated on building relationships, connecting stakeholders, and establishing various fundraising streams. She graduated from Florida State University and is pursuing her Master in Public Affairs (MPA) degree at UNC-Greensboro. Her passion for supporting underserved populations and fostering social causes drives her commitment to equality in North Carolina.


Brennan Lewis (they/them)

Education Policy Associate

Brennan joined Equality North Carolina in 2022 as the Education Policy Associate, where they analyze education policies, advocate for reforms, and lead statewide initiatives for youth. With eight years of experience in the nonprofit sector, they have elevated access to arts and education for marginalized communities in the US South and mobilized young people to lead change by founding the Raleigh-based youth group QueerNC. Previously, they led recruitment and outreach for Peace First in the U.S. and Canada, building key partnerships to elevate youth leadership. Brennan holds a degree in Public Policy and Women and Gender Studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and was a Robertson Scholar. Their commitment to equality in North Carolina is driven by a desire to develop youth leadership and power.


Z Levy (they/them)

Interim Organizing Lead

Z joined the team in 2022 and is the Interim Organizing Lead at Equality North Carolina, where they contribute to the fight for racial and gender justice. They join Equality NC after over a decade of serving young people in California, ensuring access to high-quality afterschool programming. Z holds a degree in Politics and Women’s Gender Studies from Willamette University. Z relocated to North Carolina to serve the LGBTQ+ community, bringing years of experience empowering volunteers to advocate and change the afterschool system. Z is deeply committed to understanding the needs of the queer community in North Carolina and contributing to transforming the system to ensure all LGBTQ+ people have access to resources and opportunities. Their commitment to equality in North Carolina is driven by a desire to create a supportive and inclusive environment.

Autumn Gillikin (she/her)

Western NC Organizer

Autumn joined the team in 2024 and is the Western Organizer at Equality NC. She works in Western NC communities to connect with volunteers and organizations with the same values as ENC. She has spent time as a volunteer with many organizations, providing her organizing experience to small organizations. She was a founding member of a small organization called Crystal Coast Proud on the coast where she is from. Autumn was born and raised in North Carolina and is passionate about making meaningful change in her home state, especially for her fellow young LGBTQIA+ people.

Celeste Jones (she/her)

Triangle Organizer

Celeste joined the team in 2021 and is the Triangle Organizer at Equality North Carolina, where she supports the team through coordinating grassroots campaigns, engaging community members, and mobilizing support for advocacy initiatives in the Triangle area. A transgender woman of color born and raised in Greensboro, NC, she moved to Raleigh in 2014 to start her transition, finding happiness and building a community through volunteer work, mutual aid funding, and community outreach. Celeste hopes to study Public Policy in the future. Her commitment to equality in North Carolina is driven by her passion for being a voice and representative for the trans community, LGBTQ+ youth, people of color, and other marginalized groups in the South.