News • June 12, 2020

Remembering Pulse: Hate Will Not Win!

Four years ago today, a gunman entered Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida and opened fire within the walls of a safe space for the LGBTQ community, ending the lives of 49 of our queer brothers, sisters, siblings and allies.

The pain of that moment for our communities hasn't lessened -- particularly for the LGBTQ Latinx community in South Florida that bore the brunt of this massive loss.

Over the past several weeks, months and years we have seen that exact same hate on display through the brutal murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arberry, Layla Peláez, Serena Angelique Velázquez, Alexa Negrón Luciano, Yampi Méndez Arocho and countless others.

Just last night, officials reported that Dominique Rem'mie Fells and Riah Milton, two Black trans women, were murdered in cold blood over the past week.

What will it take to end this epidemic of violence?

This horrific brutality against our society's most vulnerable has only increased since Donald Trump took office in 2017. His administration and supporters are responsible for solidifying white nationalism and white supremacy as a political identity in this country -- and we HAVE to do something about it.

We must shift the trajectory of America away from a path of hate and violence towards racial, sexual and gender minorities, and towards a more compassionate culture that actually cares for it's most vulnerable.

We owe it to the victims of Pulse and hate violence all across this country to build a better America. Will you #HonorThemWithAction and commit to voting this November? We need your support more than ever to get pro-equality legislators into office!

We've endorsed over 100 candidates across the state for the upcoming election and even built out an entire portal for our electoral work. Not registered to vote yet? Head here for resources to help you navigate that process.

#TheTimeIsNow for action and mobilization across all of our communities. Please join us in this fight and help us #HonorThemWithAction both in this moment and at the ballot box this November.

Hate will not win!

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