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Feb 11, 2020

Equality North Carolina Endorsed Candidates 2020

Candidates endorsed by Equality North Carolina for races across the state in 2020 are listed below. ENC will continue to roll out more endorsements in the coming weeks and months.

NC House

Brian Farkas (9)

Allison Dahle (11)

Debbi Fintak (16)

Deb Butler (18)

Marcia Morgan (19)

Vernetta Alston (29)

Marcia Morey (30)

Grier Martin (34)

Julie von Haefen (36)

Sydney Batch (37)

Joe John (40)

Gale Adcock (41)

Kimberly Hardy (43)

Cynthia Ball (49)

Graig Meyer (50)

Lowell Simon (52)

Robert T. Reives, II (54)

Verla Insko (56)

Ashton Clemmons (57)

Nicole Quick (56)

Cecil Brockman (60)

Pricey Harrison (61)

Ricky Hurtado (63)

Dan Besse (74)

Al Heggins (76)

Aimy Steele (82)

Gail Young (83)

Mary G. Belk (88)

Terry Brown (92)

Ray Russell (93)

Christy Clark (98)

Nasif Majeed (99)

John Autry (100)

Carolyn Logan (101)

Becky Carney (102)

Rachel Hunt (103)

Brandon Lofton (104)

Wesley Harris (105)

Kelly Alexander (107)

Susan Fisher (114)

NC Senate

Harper Peterson (9)

Wiley Nickel (16)

Sarah Crawford (18)

Angela Bridgman (18)

Kirk deViere (19)

Gray Ellis (20)

Natalie S. Murdock (20)

Pierce Freelon (20)

Mike Woodard (22)

Valerie Foushee (23)

Michael Garrett (27)

Wally White (30)

Terri LeGrand (31)

Jose Santiago (35)

Mujtaba Mohammed (38)

DeAndrea Salvador (39)

Natasha Marcus (41)

Jeanne Supin (45)

David Brian Wheeler (47)

Julie Mayfield (49)


US Senate

Erica Smith


US House

Andy Terrell (2)

Deborah K. Ross (2)

Monika Johnson-Hostler (2)

David Price (4)

David Wilson Brown (5)

Moe Davis (11)

Alma Adams (12)

Scott Huffman (13) 


Council of State

Governor: Roy Cooper

Lt Gov: Chaz Beasley

Attorney General: Josh Stein

Treasurer: Ronnie Chatterji

Secretary of State: Elaine Marshall

Schools Superintendent: Jen Mangrum

Comm of Agriculture: Jenna Wadsworth

Comm of Insurance: Wayne Goodwin

Comm of Labor: Jessica Holmes



LeVon Barnes (County Commissioner)

Wendy Jacobs (County Commissioner)

Brenda Howerton (County Commissioner)

Heidi Carter (County Commissioner)

Nida Allam (County Commissioner)


Johnson Co

Wendy Ella May (County Commissioner)


Orange County

Carrie Doyle (School Board)

Mark Dorosin (County Commissioner)

Mark Marcoplos (County Commissioner)

Renee A. Price (County Commissioner)

Penny Rich (County Commissioner)


Wake County

Sig Hutchinson (County Commissioner)

Matt Calabria (County Commissioner)

Audra Killinsworth (County Commissioner)


Buncombe County

Brownie Newman (County Commissioner)

Nancy Nehls Nelson (County Commissioner)

Terri Wells (County Commissioner)

Jasmine Beach-Ferrarra (County Commissioner)

Donna Ensley (County Commissioner)

Parker Sloan (County Commissioner)


Asheville City Council

Kristen Goldsmith (Asheville City Council)

Kim Roney (Asheville City Council)

Nicole Townsend (Asheville City Council)

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