News • June 12, 2023

Honoring the victims of Pulse

Today is the 7th anniversary of the Pulse shooting.

Equality North Carolina is in deep solidarity with the victims of this violence and their friends, families, and loved ones. And we send our deep love and care to their broader community, particularly the LGBTQ+ Latinx community in Orlando, who bore the brunt of this violence.

Pulse reminds us that our gathering spaces are sacred to our community. They are where we can feel safe and celebrated. While this heinous attack continues to have a toll on our LGBTQ+ Latinx, it also shows how resilient our community is. We've seen incredible organizations like QLatinx and the Contigo Fund emerge from the wake of Pulse, building power in the community. We are rebuilding, reconnecting and supporting each other through grief, joy and community even as we continue to see violent attacks.

So we urge our people to #HonorThemWithAction. Today, we encourage you to speak up and share this powerful message, whether on social media or in your everyday life. Violent bigotry against all of our communities is on the upswing – and we need to shift our country away from a path of hate and violence and towards a safer, more compassionate and more just culture.

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