News • October 7, 2022

Celebrating NC's first openly LGBTQ+ Latinx elected official

From all of us at Equality NC, Happy LGBTQ+ History Month! As we head into the thick of election season, we're thrilled to bring you the incredible stories of our Out Electeds – openly LGBTQ elected officials – whose work is central to building a more equitable North Carolina for us all.

Today, we're uplighting the story of Carrboro Town Council Member Eliazar Posada, the first openly LGBTQ Latinx person elected to office in NC. He's also a member of the Equality NC family, and we're lucky enough to call him our Organizing Director.

Eliazar is an elected official for and by the people. Born in Florida and raised in the Rio Grande Valley in south Texas, he has worked and lived in Carrboro since 2016. Eliazar is the son of migrant farmworkers who has dedicated his professional, and a great deal of his personal life, to fighting for the Latinx community, working class folks, LGBTQ+ folks and all individuals marginalized by power and privilege.

"I ran for office because representation matters and our Council must be a reflection of our communities: My career has focused on ensuring historically marginalized and underrepresented communities are heard and have a seat at the table." – Eliazar Posada

As a history-maker himself, Eliazar is now working arm-in-arm with ENC's endorsed candidates to ensure the most vulnerable North Carolinians have allies in the NCGA. We're only a few seats away from an anti-equality supermajority taking hold this fall and blocking all legislative efforts to create a more just and equitable North Carolina. Eliazar, and the rest of our organizing team, need your support during these final weeks.

Can you donate today to support our slate of key, pro-equality candidates in the Midterm elections?

"My mother taught my brother and me that as Latinx, immigrant and poor folks, nothing was going to be handed to us," Eliazar told ENC. "Life is not going to be fair – at the end the day family and community come first. We fight for those folks."

Early voting starts in less than two weeks, and our key candidates are all facing tough races across this state. Your contribution – no matter the size – will go directly towards funding our pro-equality efforts.

Thank you, Eliazar, for all that you're doing for our communities this election cycle. Happy LGBTQ+ History Month!

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