News • March 17, 2022

Will NC get swept up in the national rising tide of anti-LGBTQ legislation?

At Tuesday night's Wake County Republican Party convention, John Amanchukwu, a youth pastor with Raleigh's Upper Room Church of God in Christ, gave the opening prayer.

"There is a war in our public schools," Amanchukwu said. "Our children are being turned out at an alarming rate. Our public education system is in shambles and our children have now become expendable. They are being taught that Heather has two mommies and Jodie has two daddies. Our children are being taught to hate our country and hate our flag."

The rhetoric is not new. The language of "spiritual warfare" and the painting of LGBTQ families as shameful and any discussion of them in public schools as corruptive and un-American is now commonplace on the political right, from some of the state's most prominent conservative activists to the highest GOP elected officials.

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