News • May 18, 2021

Equality NC Statement on Failure of Criminal Justice System in Elizabeth City

Earlier today, North Carolina District Attorney Andrew Womble announced that he would not bring criminal charges against three officers involved in the killing of Andrew Brown Jr. on April 21 in Elizabeth City.

Equality North Carolina is heartbroken, but unsurprised, that these police officers will not be held accountable for the murder of yet another Black person in this country. The decision not to prosecute his killers is another example of our failed systems of policing, justice and criminalization that are designed to protect those who wield power and control -- not the citizens they are sworn to protect.

Black, Brown and LGBTQ folks continue to face disproportionate and horrendous violence at the hands of police all across America. Until we reimagine what these systems of policing, accountability and justice look like, they will continue to function as tools of white supremacy and our communities will continue to suffer.

Rest in Power, Andrew.

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