News • April 15, 2021

State of Equality: April Newsletter

We may be rounding the corner on the pandemic, but our most vulnerable community members remain under active threat. Republicans in the NCGA, and across the country, have focused their sights on our transgender and gender-nonconforming youth and their ability to access life-saving medical care and participate in athletics. It is horrifying -- and traumatic -- for us all.

In North Carolina, we're battling three bad bills targeting our trans youth. History will remember how we showed up for these young people. Will you join us in this fight?


  • HB358 directly attacks transgender youth in schools who seek to participate in sports by requiring students on middle, high school, and intercollegiate sport teams to participate in a team aligned with the sex assigned at birth. Take action here>>
  • SB514 would prohibit transgender people under the age of 21 from receiving any trans-affirming care and penalize medical professionals who provide transition-related care. Take action here>>
  • SB515 is an extreme bill that would allow any medical provider – defined so broadly to reach all health care entities as well as individual staff at hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, or pharmacies – to refuse to do anything they object to on the basis of conscience, including even providing information or referrals. Take action here>>

400+ Medical Providers Sign Letter Opposing Bills Targeting Transgender Youth

On Wednesday, more than 400 medical professionals from across North Carolina released a statement expressing strong opposition to NC's anti-trans bills. Signatories of the statement include physicians, nurses, physician assistants, psychiatrists, and mental health professionals. Nearly all of the signers work directly with transgender adolescents or adults. Read More>>

Town Hall on Facing the Trans Health Crisis

Equality NC invites you to join us for this intergenerational and intersectional town hall on the health crisis facing the transgender community. We are bringing together key stakeholders to discuss the legal, medical, emotional, and policy implications of the new proposed legislation in NC and nationally with a particular focus on marginalized communities. Register Here>>

Our Civic Engagement team is growing to better serve our communities from the mountains to the sea. Check out the listings below, and please pass them along to anyone you feel might be a good fit!

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