News • April 1, 2021

'Real lives will be impacted': Orange County mom says over proposed NC bill banning transgender girls from playing female sports

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- You've heard of Dr. Mom. Now try Advocate Mom.

"My shirt says, 'Protect trans kids,'" said Katie Jenifer. "It's why I get up every day and why I went through the three years of law school which was really tough, but especially a 45-year-old mom with kids at home."

Jenifer attended law school at North Carolina Central University because she knew the world wouldn't love her 13-year-old transgender daughter Madison like she does.

So, she earned a law degree anticipating she'd have to fight for her daughter's right to be herself. This comes after North Carolina lawmakers introduced a measure banning transgender girls and women from competing in sports not based off the gender listed on their birth certificate.

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