News • March 9, 2021

ACTION ALERT: Tell Senate Judiciary Committee To Vote NO On SB 101

This morning at 11:00 AM, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear SB 101, a bill that is nothing short of an attack on immigrant communities all across North Carolina.

This anti-immigrant bill seeks to force every elected sheriff to cooperate with the federal government if they arrest someone without proper identification and who has a detainer request from the Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE.

This legislation doesn't make us safer. Instead, it terrorizes our communities, resulting in increased family separation, racial profiling and the undermining of relationships between immigrant communities and law enforcement.

Can you spend five minutes calling members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and voicing your opposition to SB 101? You can find their contact information here and we are including a sample script below.

You can also head here to add your name to a petition that will be hand-delivered to our lawmakers.

It's on all of us to show up for immigrant communities -- we hope you'll join us in this fight.

"Hi! My name is [FIRST NAME] and I am calling to state my opposition to Senate Bill 101: Require Cooperation with ICE 2.0. This bill is a gross overreach from legislators who are telling duly elected Sheriffs how to do their job or else. I expect that the Senator will vote against this harmful bill."

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