News • January 22, 2021

Today, many of us feel valued:' North Carolina cities pass LGBTQ+ anti-discrimination bills as ban expires

Tiz Giordano walked through hell to get to Carrboro. From the age of 13, Giordano battled hunger, housing insecurity and substance abuse. At 21, they found Carrboro, a progressive town west of Chapel Hill. Every time they moved away, they came back.

At 26, they were ready to put down roots. They got married and found a job that paid a living wage. But the past six years in Carrboro have felt like living in a fragile bubble for Giordano, a gender non-conforming worker at a grocery co-op.

"If I were to leave my job that is super queer-affirming, I don't really know of any other businesses in the area that I would feel this affirmed," they said. "That would scare me. I feel like I would have to go back into the closet in order to make money and pay my rent."

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