News • January 19, 2021

With NC law expired, LGBTQ+ leaders want Charlotte to pass non-discrimination measure

The struggle for equality has returned to Charlotte for the same reason it made national headlines in 2016 — LGBTQ+ protections.

A controversial part of state law, House Bill 142 — which replaced and partially-repealed House Bill 2, popularly simplified to a "bathroom bill" — sunset late last year, leaving the door open for North Carolina cities to adopt their own ordinances.

This week, three North Carolina municipalities passed ordinances to protect its LGBTQ residents from discrimination, and two more might do the same soon.

Such a move could be made by the Charlotte City Council but there's been no public mention or discussion among elected leaders yet. A spokesperson for the city on Friday said he had no information on the topic.

To read more, head to the Charlotte Observer.

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