News • October 21, 2020

Honoring Danica Roem, Trans Trailblazer

October is LGBTQ History Month and Equality NC is using these final weeks before the election to highlight modern-day pioneers who have given their all to the ongoing fight for our lives.

In 2017, Danica Roem broke a political glass ceiling by becoming America's first openly transgender person to serve in the U.S. State legislature. She won in the state of Virginia and ousted a 13-term incumbent who authored a bill that would've prevented trans folks from using bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity.

Her election provided a massive step forward for openly LGBTQ candidates in the South and helped further the conversation about trans identity in households all across America.

"We won because I am a transgender woman...because of my inherent identifiers -- not despite them," said Roem. "I never ran away from them. I championed them."

Equality North Carolina believes that there is extreme power in being visible, and Danica Roem's historic victory has empowered LGBTQ people all across this country to step up and run for office in their hometowns.

This election cycle alone, 13 of our 147 endorsed candidates identify as LGBTQ and they will join the ranks of our Out Electeds if they win next month. With your support, we're able to help shape and guide pro-equality legislators and give LGBTQ people the tools to not only transform the conditions of their own lives, but the lives of their communities through the political process.

We hope you'll continue to join us on this journey well past the 2020 Election Cycle through our new membership program called the #ENCCrew as we fight to help LGBTQ people like Danica become the leaders our communities need. You can find out more information below.

Happy Voting!

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