News • September 24, 2020

Our Justice System Failed Breonna Taylor

Equality North Carolina joins the countless communities across our country crying out in rage and contempt for the justice system's failure to hold the officers who murdered Breonna Taylor in her own bed accountable. She, and so many other Black and Brown victims of horrific police violence, are once again being told that their lives don't matter in the interest of upholding archaic systems of policing, incarceration, exploitation, and violence.

Our country has reached a boiling point, where everyday citizens are finally opening their eyes to the perpetual lack of justice and accountability for people in positions of power who target, brutalize and murder individuals from communities of color every single day. These systems of power and oppression are built into the bones of this nation and are designed to uphold social and political institutions that operate in the interest of white supremacy. This, unfortunately, is nothing new -- and the people of this nation are sick of it.

Breonna, the people who loved her, and the millions of people who have marched and said her name for months, deserve so much better. We join you in collective mourning, grief, and calling out for the dire necessity to imagine and build a better world.

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