News • September 23, 2020

This is why the Census matters to LGBTQ people

You and your loved ones have just one week to fill out the 2020 Census. With everything on the line this year, the census is a powerful tool we can use to build power and make life better for vulnerable people at the local level -- for the next DECADE.

The Census is used to distribute $16.9 billion annually in North Carolina, including $956 million in education funding, $508 million in housing, $964 million in transportation, $10.624 billion in health services, and more.

Beyond that, same-sex relationships can be identified on the census for the first time this year, providing space for you and your partners to #BeCounted. With the reality of a far-right Supreme Court staring us in the face, we are going to need to leverage every tool that we have to ensure our communities receive the maximum amount of resources and funding possible from the census. The consequences of undercounting marginalized groups will be beyond devastating.

With everything going on in this country, we know that the census may not seem like a priority. But please hear us when we say: filling out the census is equally as important as filling out your ballot this year, and your participation in these processes is quite literally life or death for so many of us.

Thank you for taking ten minutes to #BeCounted -- we're counting on you!

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