News • September 16, 2020

Census 2020: TWO WEEKS LEFT!!

If you haven't yet filled out the census, time is quickly running out for our communities to be counted and for YOU to help shape life in North Carolina for the next generation.

Why is the census so important? What does the census actually determine? What: is the census?? If you've ever asked yourself any of these questions, we aired a special conversation on Facebook Live today between three members of our staff to help answer them and understand why we're so committed to helping #GetOutTheCount.

"I think the best effort right now is to just check in with your friends and family," says Executive Director Kendra Johnson. "There's been so much this year that the census probably didn't seem important given a raging pandemic, this crazy electoral cycle, people without employment and healthcare crises -- all of those different things. It doesn't seem like it's the first thing that's top of mind. But talk to people to make sure they get it in before the deadline."

Almost a million people are in the hard to count populations in North Carolina. If you've already filled out your census -- WONDERFUL! Now we all must play a role in checking in with friends and family to make sure they did the same.

Today, we challenge you to ask five people in your community if they've taken the time to fill it out. You never know whose mind it may have slipped and how you can make an impact with a quick phone call or a text.

We're counting on you to make us count!

PS- For up-to-date census information text 'Equality' to 79606.

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