News • September 11, 2020

Census 2020: We're Running Out of Time!

We're going to be real with you: the clock on the census is running down, and North Carolina ranks 37th out the 50 states when it comes to census completion. This is abysmal and could have a longstanding impact on vulnerable North Carolina communities for the next ten years.

With the Trump administration shortening the census deadline, Americans only have until September 30th to make sure that they -- and their loved ones -- are counted. This is less than three weeks away!

Millions of Black, Brown, LGBTQ, and resource-poor people are relying on a complete count to make sure that their communities receive necessary funding for vital services and infrastructure. We also depend on the census to ensure that our communities get their fair share of representatives in Congress. Communities that are undercounted will be underresourced and underrepresented for the next 10 years.

We know that the chaos of this time may have made the census seem like less of a priority. But in reality, it is one of a small number of powerful tools we have to shape the future of our lives on a local level.

If you've already completed the census -- that's wonderful! Today, we challenge you to ask five people in your life if they've also filled it out.

It's on all of us to make sure that our communities are counted and to leverage every tool we have to make this country a more equitable and compassionate place to live.

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