News • September 7, 2020

Labor Day: Rise Up For The #FightFor15

From all of us here at ENC, we hope this Labor Day finds you safe and healthy as we all continue to fight for survival through this pandemic and find new solutions to making ends meet for ourselves and our families.

Historically, Labor Day is intended to honor workers for their contributions to American society and uplift the importance of the labor movement, particularly for marginalized communities who disproportionately make up a huge percentage of low-wage jobs within the American labor force.

This year, with COVID-19 ravaging Black and Brown communities and other vulnerable populations, the chasm between the working class and the American Elite is more apparent than ever. Communities of color are disproportionately the ones who have returned to essential worker jobs -- many out of a pure need for survival, having already lived paycheck-to-paycheck before the pandemic hit.

This Labor Day, ENC is aligning ourselves with and uplifting the #FightFor15, a movement to #ProtectAllWorkers and establish a federal minimum wage of $15. Resource-poor and disadvantaged communities shouldn't have to fear for their own well-being, or their loved ones, simply because of the financial exploitation of low-paying, working-class jobs in this country -- it simply isn't right, and the pandemic has made that more evident than ever.

Today, we'd like to encourage you to join us in vocalizing your support for the #FightFor15 on your social media, and head over to the #FightForFight website to learn how you can plug into the movement.

Together, we can change the living conditions of countless American by pushing for a living minimum wage -- we hope you'll join us in this fight to build a more compassionate tomorrow.

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