News • June 30, 2020

How Will You Show Up for This Moment?

These days, a week can feel like a year — and that's not always a bad thing.

After months of quarantine due to COVID-19 and weeks of protest against racialized oppression in this country, we received two wins from the Supreme Court of the United States that will be lifesaving for our communities. Title VII & 1557

On Monday, June 16, SCOTUS ruled that LGBTQ people cannot be fired from their jobs based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. In many ways, this ruling holds more significance for the LGBTQ community than marriage equality — and it positively impacts the issue of workplace discrimination across this nation.

I think Equality Florida Executive Director Nadine Smith said it best when she described the win as a "cool glass of water on a hot day." It's a moment of relief — celebration, even — but just one moment within the larger struggle for liberation for all marginalized folks. There are still critical gaps in our nondiscrimination laws — in housing, public places, federal programs and more. HB142 is still on the books in our state until the end of this year. Outside of the workplace, LGBTQ people face harassment and mistreatment in their daily lives — and black and brown Americans in particular.

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