News • June 16, 2020

NC LGBTQ Leader on Supreme Court Ruling: 'I Was Nothing Short of Floored'

When I saw the United States Supreme Court rule in favor of workplace protections for LGBTQ folks on Monday morning, I was nothing short of floored.

For months — even years — now we've been berated with horrible news cycles perpetuated by the actions of an unfit president who has aligned himself with white supremacy. We've become so used to being disappointed that victory can almost feel disorienting.

But, please be assured, this ruling by the Supreme Court is nothing short of a hard-fought victory for our communities. In this moment, it's important for us to uplift the activists, lawyers and legal experts who helped us achieve this win. But even more importantly, we need to remember the countless LGBTQ folks who have lost their jobs for living their truth — or had to leave their identities at the door in order to make a living.

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