News • May 11, 2020

The Census's Sex Question Sucks. But LGBTQ People Should Still Fill It Out

Meghan Maury was forced to misgender themselves when they filled out their census form earlier this year. The 12-question form asks respondents to identify themselves as either "male" or "female," which doesn't leave space for people who identify as neither.

Maury, who works as the policy director for the National LGBTQ Task Force, said it's an uncomfortably familiar feeling. As a nonbinary person who uses gender neutral pronouns, they have been forced to choose between "M" or "F" on every piece of paperwork nearly their "whole life," whether it's filling out intake paperwork at a doctor's office or signing up for a gym membership. Even tax return forms "asked about gender for many, many years," Maury said.

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