News • March 3, 2020

ELECTION DAY: Everything you need to know

It's finally here: Tuesday, March 3 is Primary Election Day across the state of North Carolina!

Have you voted? It's on all of us to exercise our voices at the ballot box and ensure that our friends and families have done the same. Find your polling place here!

We've pulled together the essentials for you below to help answer any questions you may have. Equality NC hopes you'll take some time today to exercise one of our most basic rights as Americans, and consider our list of endorsed candidates for both state and local elections as you head to the polls.

We've also developed Regional Voting Guides for the TriangleTriad and Charlotte-Mecklenburg areas. Head here to preview your ballot.

What is a Primary Election?
A primary election is when voters pick who will represent their party in the general election on Nov. 3. If you're registered with a specific party, you must vote in that party's Primary. If you're unaffiliated, you may request a Democratic, Libertarian or Republican ballot, or nonpartisan ballot, if available.

When can I vote?
Voting runs from 6:30AM-7:30PM. If you're in line before 7:30 PM stay in line! You can still vote. If you or a friend needs a ride to the polls, call 252-78-RIDES (252-787-4337) to arrange for transportation.

Do I need an ID?
NO! The North Carolina Voter ID law was blocked on Dec. 31, with the federal judge who issued the injunction citing racial discrimination as a motivator for the legislation.

Can I register to vote on Election Day?
Unfortunately, no. Voter registration has ended for the primary, but be sure to register as soon as possible so you can vote in the November general election.

Who should I vote for?
If you're looking for pro-equality candidates, we've done our best to carefully select individuals who embody a commitment to fight for our communities -- though this list is by no means exhaustive. You can find our endorsements here.

Happy voting! We'll see you at the polls.

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