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Electeds for Equality

Electeds for Equality is a permanent program within the ENC structure consisting of North Carolina elected officials who publicly align themselves with the larger movement for LGBTQ equality. It is a bipartisan network of North Carolina political leaders who work closely with members of our Out Electeds program to build a cross-state coalition and coordinate on issues that affect vulnerable communities across North Carolina.

  • In addition to taking part in structured events throughout the year, there are a number of goals for the Electeds for Equality Program, including:
  • Access to peer support and mentoring: Electeds for Equality should feel supported in their efforts to champion the rights and needs of the LGBTQ community. Our program provides them with access to relationships and resources in order for them to develop cultural competencies surrounding the specific needs of our communities. This includes learning about LGBTQ rights and how to talk about them.
  • Network with LGBTQ elected officials through events and initiatives.
  • Make informed decisions when anti-LGBTQ policies and legislation are proposed in NC through media and rapid response trainings. Work to build a more equitable North Carolina.

Our Electeds for Equality are:

Buncombe County

  • Susan Fisher, State Representative, HD114
  • Brian Turner, State Representative, HD116
Chatham County
  • Robert Reives, State Representative, HD54
Cumberland County
  • Kirk DeViere, State Senator, SD19
Durham County
  • Anita Earls, NC Supreme Court
  • Satana Deberry, District Attorney
  • Zack Hawkins, State Representative, HD31
  • Mike Woodard, State Senator, SD22
  • Steve Schewel, Durham Mayor
  • Javiera Caballero, Durham City Council Member
  • Charlie Reece, Durham City Council Member
Guilford County
  • Ashton Clemmons, State Representative, HD57
  • Pricey Harrison, State Representative, HD61
  • Michael Garrett, State Senator, SD27
Mecklenburg County
  • Pat Cotham, County Commissioner, At-Large
  • Trevor Fuller, County Commissioner, At-Large
  • George Dunlap, County Commissioner, D3
  • Mark Jerrell, County Commissioner, D4
  • Susan Rodriguez-McDowell, County Commissioner, D6
  • Donnie Hoover, Superior Court, District 26E Seat 1
  • Spencer Merriweather, District Attorney
  • Chaz Beasley, State Representative, HD92
  • Christy Clark, State Representative, HD98
  • John Autry, State Representative, HD100
  • Carolyn Logan, State Representative, HD101
  • Rachel Hunt, State Representative, HD103
  • Brandon Lofton, State Representative, HD104
  • Wesley Harris, State Representative, HD105
  • Jeff Jackson, State Senator, SD37
  • Mujtaba Mohammed, State Senator, SD38
  • Natasha Marcus, State Senator, SD41
  • Alma Adams, Representative, NC-12
  • Julie Eiselt, Charlotte Mayor Pro Tem
  • Braxton Winston, Charlotte Council Member, At-Large
  • Larken Egleston, Charlotte Council Member, District 1
  • Matt Newton, Charlotte Council Member, District 5
  • Jim Fuller, Davidson Commissioner
  • Lance Munger, Huntersville Commissioner
New Hanover County
  • Harper Peterson, State Senator, SD09
  • Judy Justice, New Hanover County School Board Member
Orange County
  • Graig Meyer, State Representative, HD50
  • Verla Insko, State Representative, HD56
  • Valerie Foushee, State Senator, SD23
  • David Price, Represenative, NC-04
  • Susan Romaine, Carrboro Town Council Member
  • Pam Hemminger, Chapel Hill Mayor
  • Michael Parker, Chapel Hill Town Council Member
  • Amy Ryan, Chapel Hill Town Council Member
  • Jenn Weaver, Hillsborough Mayor
  • Mark Bell, Hillsborough Commissioner
Pitt County
  • Kandie Smith, State Representative, HD08
Rowan County
  • Al Heggins, Salibury Town Council Member
Wake County
  • Sig Hutchinson, Wake County Commissioner D1
  • Matt Calabria, Wake County Commissioner D2
  • Jessica Holmes, Wake County Commissioner D3
  • Susan Evans, Wake County Commissioner D4
  • Vickie Adamson, Wake County Commissioner D7
  • Toby Hampson, NC Court of Appeals
  • Allegra Collins, NC Court of Appeals
  • Keith Gregory, NC Superior Court, District 10D Seat 1
  • Grier Martin, State Representative, HD34
  • Terence Everitt, State Representative, HD35
  • Julie von Haefen, State Representative, HD36
  • Sydney Batch, State Representative, HD37
  • Jay Chaudhuri, State Senator, SD15
  • Wiley Nickel, State Senator, SD16
  • Sam Searcy, State Senator, SD17
  • Nicole Stewart, Raleigh City Council, At-Large
  • David Cox, Raleigh City Council, District B
  • Lori Bush, Cary Mayor Pro Tem, At Large
  • Ya Liu, Cary Town Council Member, District D
  • Anne Robotti, Morrisville Town Council Member, District 1
Watauga County
  • Ray Russell, State Representative, HD93

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