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Electeds for Equality

Electeds for Equality is a permanent program within the ENC structure consisting of North Carolina elected officials who publicly align themselves with the larger movement for LGBTQ equality. It is a bipartisan network of North Carolina political leaders who work closely with members of our Out Electeds program to build a cross-state coalition and coordinate on issues that affect vulnerable communities across North Carolina.

  • In addition to taking part in structured events throughout the year, there are a number of goals for the Electeds for Equality Program, including:
  • Access to peer support and mentoring: Electeds for Equality should feel supported in their efforts to champion the rights and needs of the LGBTQ community. Our program provides them with access to relationships and resources in order for them to develop cultural competencies surrounding the specific needs of our communities. This includes learning about LGBTQ rights and how to talk about them.
  • Network with LGBTQ elected officials through events and initiatives.
  • Make informed decisions when anti-LGBTQ policies and legislation are proposed in NC through media and rapid response trainings. Work to build a more equitable North Carolina.

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