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With North Carolina still lacking comprehensive non-discrimination protections for the entire LGBTQ community, ENC is committed to both legislative and public education efforts to raise awareness about the discrimination queer folks and other vulnerable groups face on a daily basis.

Legislative non-discrimination protections are crucial to ensuring that LGBTQ people are free to work, play, love and exist in public space without the fear that they may face bias or discrimination because of their identity. Equality NC believes that there is no place for discrimination of any kind in our state.

Our priorities include:

  • Working towards statewide non-discrimination protections in housing, employment, public places and spaces, credit, insurance, education, and jury service
  • The repeal of HB2 and the eventual sunset of HB142, which only mends part of the damage done by its predecessor
  • Nondiscrimination ordinances at the local level
  • Ensuring equitable employment practices for state employees who are trans and non-binary
  • Access to transition-related healthcare services under Medicaid

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