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Though we’ve come a long way from the AIDS crisis that wiped out a generation of artists, thought leaders and change makers, many communities — particularly communities of color — are still battling the HIV epidemic today. Harm reduction surrounding HIV/AIDS and ensuring that the communities most affected by the virus have the resources and support that they need is at the heart of the work of ENC.

The priorities for ENC when it comes to HIV/AIDS work include:

  • Raising public awareness about PrEP
  • Increasing the uptake and availability of PrEP for the most vulnerable North Carolinians
  • Supporting HIV testing days throughout the year, including National Transgender HIV Testing Day every April 18
  • Supporting the decriminalization of HIV status and other criminalized identities that increase HIV risk
  • Educating service providers about trans-affirming care for people living with HIV

If you would like more information about PrEP or resources related to HIV, please visit http://www.ncaan.org/

Policy Barriers to Ending the HIV Epidemic for Transgender People of Color in North Carolina & South Carolina: TRANSforming the Carolinas

TRANSforming the Carolinas is a research project of the University of North Carolina created to learn more about the challenges that transgender people of color in North Carolina and South Carolina face when accessing healthcare. This provides an assessment of policy at the state and municipal levels in both states that may create barriers to ending the HIV epidemic for transgender people of color.


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