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SIGN ON: North Carolina Faith Leaders for the Freedom to Marry

North Carolina Community Leaders for the Freedom to Marry is a project of Equality NC and Freedom to Marry. By signing below, you allow for your name to be used publicly in connection with North Carolina Faith Leaders for the Freedom to Marry, including in online and print media. Congregation names will be listed for identification purposes only and signing does not construe support of congregation listed.


Our Pledge

We, the undersigned clergy and religious leaders from across North Carolina, draw upon our spiritual, moral and ethical principles rooted in our faith traditions to support the freedom to marry in our state.

We are leaders of various faith communities, who have lived and ministered closely with thousands of families through all of life's glory, tragedy, and tedium. Some of these families are headed by same-sex couples - they are our neighbors, co-workers, friends and peers.

As people of faith and as North Carolinians, we believe in loving our neighbors and treating one another as we would like to be treated - with dignity and respect. This means recognizing the love and commitment of lesbian and gay couples through marriage. Entering into a committed, loving relationship is one of life's most sacred and holy gifts. Marriage means responsibility and hard work, but it also brings life-changing protections for a family.

We recognize that there is a diversity of views in the faith community. Every faith leader will always be free to determine which marriages he or she will bless. Marriage equality will not change that fundamental principle. However, for those of us who do lead welcoming and affirming faiths, it will finally remove a long-standing obstacle to our pastoral care - and allow us to minister equally to all families in our community,

We stand for the freedom to marry. Our religious teachings and beliefs are grounded in love and acceptance of everyone and we believe our government should allow loving, same-sex couples to marry in North Carolina.

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