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LGBT Youth and Families

It is an indisputable fact that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth bear the brunt of religion-derived stigma and hostility. And so do their families. The result is dangerously high LGBT teen suicide rates, family rejection, social division and a mental health provider system that often is ill-equipped to meet the needs of these young people and families. Equality NC's faith program seeks to raise public awareness about immense harm caused to LGBT youth and families when there are attempts to place a stamp of moral and religious condemnation on their very being. We seek to promote the emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being of LGBT youth and families. We are partnering with affirming faith communities across North Carolina in seeking to enrich those most deserving lives and families.

Gender Identity

Transgender individuals have become the target of those opposed to anti-discrimination measures for public spaces, as evidenced by the atrocious bathroom ads in the Houston non-discrimination measure which were funded by the Family Research Council. There’s no justification in religious text for such hostility toward someone who seeks to express their true gender identity. There are those who aren't willing to recognize the reality of variances in gender identity and gender expression but those individuals or groups should not be the ones to decide what is best for those individuals who seek to express their true gender. That decision should be left to transgender persons and the medical and legal professionals who agree that equality for transgender individuals is in keeping with the best science and in keeping with the equal protection granted under the U.S. Constitution. EqualityNC's faith program will be working to ensure that equality for transgender individuals doesn’t become a victim of misinformation, misunderstanding and unfounded fear.

Please view this recent video and article from our friends at The Reformation Project on Nicole Garcia, a “well-heeled church lady” scheduled to be the Lutheran Evangelical Church’s first transgender clergyperson of color.

>>Watch here<<

Read the article >>here<<.

Religious Liberty

Affirming faith communities and individuals know that religious oppression can't be disguised as religious liberty. Studies have shown that one-third of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals identify as Christian and it is but one example of why we cannot allow ill-intentioned individuals and groups to cast LGBT equality as an opponent of religious liberty. It is not and in fact history proves equality has always been religious freedom’s greatest ally. There are some who argue that the government must give sanction to the one particular misguided religious belief that "homosexuality is sinful behavior." They demand our government to sanction such misguided religious belief as justification to discriminate against an entire group of our citizens. Let’s remember that government is “We the People” and we don’t give comfort to such discrimination and hostility. Equality NC's faith program is working within various faith communities to raise awareness about the volatile and dangerous path North Carolina has started down by using religious freedom as a means to justify hostility toward minority segments of our citizenry.

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