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Jul 3, 2013


The UNC Board of Governors is considering doing exactly what we were able to avoid during this recent session in the North Carolina legislature: a ban on gender-inclusive housing at the 17 UNC System campuses. The Board of Governors will meet on August 8 and 9, to determine whether to strip gender-inclusive housing options that have been shown to not only promote LGBT student safety but also improve overall campus climate as well.

In short, in just two days they could undo the two years of hard work of the student-led Gender Non-Specific Housing Coalition to build a statewide coalition among UNC system schools, diverse student organizations, senior administrators in the UNC system, and the UNC-CH Board of Trustees that secured gender non-specific housing and defeated subsequent attacks on its existence.

We're partnering with our friends at Campus Pride to ask for your help to stop this ban.


  • Write an email and call the UNC Board of Governors individually — specifically contact Peter Hans, the Chair and H. Frank Grainger, the Vice-Chair/Head of University Governance Committee (Use the Campus Pride UNC Board of Governors Contact List as well as the Campus Pride Sample Letter to express your concerns).
  • Join Equality NC's student ambassadors at both the August 8 & 9 public meeting of the UNC Board of Governors to show your concern and voice your opinion (continued requests for speaking on agenda have been denied and, or no response to date).
  • Join us on Facebook and Twitter and help spread the word to North Carolina students, faculty and staff at all campuses. Our voices must be heard before making this decision.

Why is gender-inclusive housing important?

  • Gender-inclusive housing provides a safe space for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students.
  • Gender-inclusive housing is an important step to retain at-risk LGBT students in often challenging campus environments.
  • Gender-inclusive housing involves shared living spaces and separate, secure rooms for students -- important to the safety and comfort of students who apply for and receive these limited number of units, but that in no way translates into an intrusion on other students.

Instead of supporting efforts to improve campus climate and student safety, the UNC Board of Governors is threatening to put LGBT students in campus housing at risk. But together we can try to end needless harassment and discrimination on college campuses and beyond.

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