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Mar 27, 2014

Chapel Hill State Farm Agent Fights for Equality

A pretty amazing thing happened this week in North Carolina.

There was no press conference. In fact, no one is reporting it. But after fighting for years, State Farm agent Pam Herndon secured multi-auto insurance for married, same-sex couples living in North Carolina. This is no small victory.

In doing so, Ms. Herndon has ensured that not only can legally-married, same-sex couples living in North Carolina have the same State Farm insurance rates enjoyed by other married couples, but also that ALL married, same-sex couples living in states like ours, which bar marriage equality, can have access to this more economical State Farm coverage as well.

That’s one North Carolinian helping countless couples throughout the country.

Ms. Herndon’s story illustrates once again that North Carolina’s business community can make significant strides for equality in our state and beyond.

Are you a business leader ready to take a stand for equality? Learn more about our Business Equality Council today.

Launching in 2014, the Business Equality Council will not only provide visibility to businesses and business leaders who stand for (and with) Equality, but will also help train their collective attention and voices on important state-level work to fight for workplace protections for gay and transgender North Carolinians.

It’s time we all worked for equality – and businesses can take the first step today:



Equality NC's Business Equality Council
Equality NC will convene vocal and visible North Carolina business leaders who support employment protections for gay and transgender workers to become part of an unprecedented business coalition designed to increase support for statewide workplace protection policies and making our state work for all.

BCBSNC to Provide Family Coverage for Same-Sex Couples and All Domestic Partners in ACA plans
Brad Wilson, president and CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC), issued the following statement about family coverage for married same-sex couples and domestic partners.

Poll Shows North Carolina’s Small Businesses Strongly Support Employment Non-Discrimination Laws to Protect Gay and Transgender Workers
A scientific opinion poll by national organization Small Business Majority and local partner Equality NC reveals that 67 percent of entrepreneurs and small business owners in North Carolina believe state law should prohibit employment discrimination against gay and transgender people. Sixty-five percent also support a federal law.

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