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Jun 17, 2013

POLL: 71% of North Carolinians Oppose Employment Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation

Raleigh, N.C. — A new poll released on June 17, 2013, from NC-based Public Policy Polling (PPP) found that a strong majority of North Carolinians (71%) think employers should not be able to discriminate against employees based on their sexual orientation compared to just 20 percent who think they should be able to.


Even among Republicans 58 percent think employment discrimination should not be allowed versus 31 percent who believe it should.

Poll respondents were politically diverse with 43 percent of identifying themselves as Democrat, 35 percent as Republican, and 22 percent as Independent/other.

Most striking was that 86 percent of respondents identified as age 30 and over, with only 14 percent of respondents in the age range of 18-29, typically the most supportive of LGBT issues.

PPP surveyed 500 North Carolina voters from June 12-14. The margin of error was +/- 4.4 percent. This poll was not authorized or paid for by any campaign or political organization. PPP’s surveys are conducted through automated telephone interviews.

CLICK HERE to view the full Public Policy Polling results.


New Poll Shows North Carolina’s Small Businesses Strongly Support Employment Non-Discrimination Laws to Protect Gay and Transgender Workers (Small Business Majority)
A scientific opinion poll released in June 2013, by national organization Small Business Majority and local partner Equality NC reveals that 67 percent of entrepreneurs and small business owners in North Carolina believe state law should prohibit employment discrimination against gay and transgender people. Sixty-five percent also support a federal law.

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