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Nov 6, 2019

2019 North Carolina Municipal Elections Results

Equality North Carolina is incredibly proud of our endorsed candidates across the state and their performance in the 2019 North Carolina Municipal Elections. Overall, 29 candidates in 14 cities won their races.

Check out the results below, and be sure to congratulate any of these folks if you see them out and about in your cities!


Larken Egleston, District One -- WON

Matt Newtown, District Five -- WON

Gina Navarette, District Six -- LOST

Braxton Winston, At-Large -- WON

Julie Eiselt, At-Large -- WON


Sam Hershey, District A -- LOST

David Cox, District B --WON

Brian Fitzsimmons District B -- LOST

Saige Martin, District D -- WON

Steff Mendell, District E -- LOST

Russ Stephenson, At-Large -- LOST

Jonathan Melton, At-Large -- WON

Nicole Stewart, At-Large -- WON

Caroline Sullivan, Mayor -- LOST


Jillian Johnson, At-Large -- WON

Javiera Caballero, At-Large -- WON

Charlie Reece, At-Large -- WON

Steve Schewel, Mayor -- WON


Ya Liu, District D -- WON

Lori Bush, At-Large -- WON


Damon Seils, Alderman -- WON

Steve Friedman, Alderman -- LOST

Susan Romaine, Alderman -- WON

Lydia Lavelle, Mayor -- WON

Chapel Hill

Michael Parker, At-Large -- WON

Sue Hunter, At-Large -- LOST

Renuka Soll, At-Large -- LOST

Amy Ryan, At-Large -- WON

Pam Hemminger, Mayor -- WON


Jane Campbell, Town Commissoner -- WON

Jim Fuller, Town Commissoner -- WON


John Landrine, Ward 2 -- DISQUALIFIED


Joshua "Fox" Brown, At-Large -- LOST


Matt Hughes, Town Board -- WON

Mark Bell, Town Board -- WON

Jenn Weaver, Mayor -- WON


Lance Munger, Town Commissioner -- WIN


Anne Robotti, District 1 -- WON


Tamara Sheffield, Town Council -- WON

Ladale Benson, Town Council -- LOST

Al Heggins, Town Council -- WON


Kimberly Spader, Town Council -- LOST

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