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Feb 1, 2014

N.C. Democratic Party Makes Major Trans-Inclusive Move

Members of the North Carolina Democratic Party’s State Executive Council voted unanimously on Saturday morning to advance a transgender-inclusive measure, bringing the state party in line with non-discrimination and inclusive standards set by the national Democratic Party.

According to Qnotes, LGBT Democrats of North Carolina President Ralph Roland motioned to include the term “gender identity” in the party’s plan of organization’s preamble and “open party” sections during the executive council meeting at the Charlotte Convention Center. The amendment to the plan of organization will be considered with other amendments at the party’s next state executive committee meeting in June.

Equality NC's executive director Chris Sgro immediately praised the vote.

"We applaud this important move towards a more transgender-inclusive North Carolina Democratic Party," said Sgro. "Not only does today's unanimous vote reveal the fast-growing political support for LGBT North Carolinians, but also shows once again that despite recent challenges, North Carolina can once again lead the way terms of LGBT-friendly protections and policies in the South."


N.C. Democrats make transgender-inclusive move (Qnotes)

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