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Feb 20, 2020

Honoring Pam Spaulding, a pioneering voice in media

February is Black History Month. In honor of this time of year, Equality NC is creating space to honor black icons whose work, live and legacies have proven integral to the advancement of lived equality for marginalized folks. We hope you’ll enjoy these weekly profiles throughout the month, and consider the ways in which these individuals have laid the foundation for ENC’s work across our state today.

Today we're lifting up Pam Spaulding, a pioneering voice in the world of LGBTQ media who served as the editor and publisher of Pam’s House Blend during its nine-year run from 2004-2013. During this time, Pam's House Blend defined itself as a leading online voice for civil rights issues, tackling the intersections of race, LGBTQ experience, gender issues and the follies of the Religious Right.

One of the first LGBTQ political blogs to rapidly rise in the early years of political bloggers, Spaulding became a must-read for political junkies and LGBTQ people across the country, offering her perspective as a black lesbian living in North Carolina, far beyond the big cities in the North and West Coast that previously dominated LGBTQ politics. During these nine years, Spaulding was named one of Huffington Post's Ultimate Game Changers in Politics, received the Women's Media Center Award for Online Journalism, and was named one of the OUT 100 for 2009. She also wrote a monthly column for the Raleigh News & Observer’s "The Durham News" and was the first out lesbian columnist for the newspaper

Importantly, Spaulding operated Pam's House Blend from Durham -- the current home office for Equality North Carolina. Without early local LGBTQ media pioneers like Spaulding, ENC wouldn't be what it is today.

Much like Pam's House Blend, ENC depends on the support of our members in order to perform the game-changing work we wake up for every day. This Black History Month, we’re asking you to consider supporting the work of ENC as we continue to fight for a world more just and equitable world for black folks, queer folks, and everyone marginalized by power and privilege.

Your donation will go a long way. Thank you for your support.

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