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Oct 7, 2020

Happy LGBTQ History Month!

From all of us at Equality North Carolina, Happy LGBTQ History Month! With 28 days until Election Day and our nation experiencing unimaginable crisis, it can feel strange to celebrate anything. But the resilience of our community in the face of a global pandemic and targeted attacks from the Trump administration deserves nothing short of celebration.

We’re kicking off this month by reflecting on the history of our organization’s Political Action Committee, known today as Equality NC Action Fund PAC. Born in 1990 as NC Pride PAC, this political arm of our organization grew from grassroots community organizing surrounding the 1990 Jesse Helms-Harvey Gantt Race for U.S. Senate.

Helms was a notoriously anti-LGBTQ force within the U.S. Senate throughout his career, and his callousness towards the HIV/AIDS crisis knew no bounds. He was also unabashedly racist and his repugnant attacks on civil rights framed his career as a senator.

LGBTQ activists, including our PAC founder and current staff member Mandy Carter, came together to form a mechanism to support and elect pro-equality candidates to public office. Their support of Harvey Gantt as the first Black person to run for a Senate seat in North Carolina was at the heart of this organizing effort.

This PAC is still alive and well through ENC today, with 147 endorsed candidates on the ballot this November.

Three decades later, we couldn’t be prouder of the network of LGBTQ folks and allies fighting for a better North Carolina today. We invite you to check out a brand new video highlighting our work, and to consider supporting us by joining the #ENCCrew.

The #ENCCrew is our new membership structure that provides you insider access to our work across North Carolina, from our political efforts in the NCGA to our trainings with educators in public school classrooms. By joining, you will tangibly contribute to shaping a better, more compassionate North Carolina for our communities in the months and years ahead.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and we hope to see you among the #ENCCrew soon. Happy LGBTQ History Month!

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