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Sep 13, 2012

Equality NC Action Fund Announces 2012 Legislative Candidate Endorsements

Raleigh, N.C. — Equality NC Action Fund, the political action committee (PAC) of North Carolina’s statewide Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) advocacy group, Equality NC, today announced its first round of endorsements for the 2012 General Election. These endorsements highlight preferred candidates in races for the North Carolina General Assembly. Endorsements for Governor, Council of State, and judicial races will be announced next week.

The announcement comes on the one-year anniversary of the passage of Senate Bill 514, otherwise known as the ballot referendum “Amendment One,” that spurred record turnout in the May primary election and went on to ban relationship recognitions for gay and lesbian North Carolinians.

“We are excited to announce our support for candidates who have demonstrated through both words and deeds, their commitment to equality for all North Carolinians, including a stance against Amendment One.” stated Stuart Campbell, Executive Director of Equality NC Action Fund. “By evaluating their responses to our questionnaire, reviewing their voting records, and seeing first-hand their work over the past months and years, we are happy to not only recommend these candidates to North Carolina voters, but encourage all fair-minded citizens to support them financially, through volunteering and most importantly, at the ballot box.”

Equality NC Action Fund evaluates candidates using multiple factors. Each candidate is provided an LGBT issue-based questionnaire, some are selected for interviews, and public position statements and past voting records are also considered.

“All of the candidates listed below are worthy of our support and vote and Equality NC Action Fund will in turn focus on strong pro-equality candidates in key races statewide,” explained Campbell. “In the process, our work continues to not only support candidates who stand with us 100% of the time, but also to work with and educate elected officials who are willing to understand and evolve on our issues.”

All endorsements can be found in the Equality NC Action Fund 2012 Online Voter Guide at www.equalitync.org/pac/voterguide2012.

First Round Legislative Endorsements, include:

State House of Representatives


  • 7 Angela R. Bryant
  • 18 Susi Hamilton
  • 24 Jean Farmer-Butterfield
  • 29 Larry Hall
  • 30 Paul Luebke
  • 31 Mickey Michaux, Jr.
  • 34 Deborah K. Ross
  • 37 Jason Wunsch
  • 38 Yvonne Holley
  • 39 Darren G. Jackson
  • 41 Jim Messina
  • 42 Marvin W. Lucas
  • 44 Rick Glazier
  • 45 Eddie Dees
  • 49 Keith Karlsson
  • 50 Valerie Foushee
  • 54 Deb McManus
  • 56 Verla Insko
  • 57 Pricey Harrison
  • 58 Alma Adams
  • 60 Marcus Brandon
  • 63 Patty Philipps
  • 71 Evelyn Terry
  • 74 David Moore
  • 85 JR Edwards
  • 86 Jim Cates
  • 88 Martha Alexander
  • 92 Robin Bradford
  • 93 Cullie Tarleton
  • 99 Rodney Moore
  • 100 Tricia Cotham
  • 102 Becky Carney
  • 107 Kelly Alexander
  • 110 Jamar McKoy
  • 114 Susan C. Fisher
  • 115 Susan E. Wilson

State Senate

  • 116 Jane Whilden
  • 9 Deb Butler
  • 11 Clarence A. Bender
  • 14 Dan Blue
  • 15 Sig Hutchinson
  • 16 Josh Stein
  • 17 Erv Portman
  • 18 Doug Berger
  • 20 Floyd McKissick, Jr.
  • 22 Mike Woodard
  • 23 Ellie Kinnaird
  • 27 Myra Slone
  • 31 Delmas Parker
  • 40 Malcolm Graham
  • 44 Ross Bulla
  • 45 Roy J. Carter
  • 46 John T. McDevitt
  • 49 Martin Nesbitt

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