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Nov 3, 2016

TurnOUT NC Joins Roy Cooper to Promote Early Voting on College Campuses

by Jerry Yelton

Post submitted by Harry Hawkins, Field Organizer HRC Mississippi.

On Tuesday, turnOut North Carolina volunteers gathered at UNC Charlotte (UNCC) to meet with UNCC College Democrats and Attorney General Roy Cooper, who is running for governor. Cooper is challenging current Governor Pat McCrory, who supported and signed the hateful HB2 into law.

In our matching bright blue t-shirts, volunteers strolled across campus and passed out Vote Equality stickers to students. We then joined UNCC College Democrats at a local early voting location in Mecklenburg County to meet with Attorney General Cooper.

Cooper took time to shake hands with each student and supporter there. He spoke to the crowd about the importance of voting and how young people can make a difference in determining the future of North Carolina. He also spoke about the need to repeal HB2 and repair the damage the discriminatory law has had on the state’s reputation.

As an HRC Mississippi field organizer, I know how important it is to have elected officials who support LGBTQ people. That’s why HRC and Equality NC endorsed Cooper for Governor of North Carolina earlier this year.

I have now been in Charlotte for over a week and have found so much passion in campaign work. I have enjoyed connecting with HRC members and supporters and the Charlotte LGBTQ and allied community as well.

Today, there are an estimated 255,000 LGBTQ adults living in North Carolina -- a substantial population given that the state was won in the last three presidential elections by an average of 180,500 votes. Nearly 90,000 LGBTQ adults live in the Charlotte Metro Area alone. The LGBTQ voting bloc in North Carolina will play a pivotal role in the presidential, gubernatorial and other down ballot races.

We invite you to join us in helping to #turnOUT every last vote, particularly in the critical state of North Carolina. Click here to sign-up to volunteer at our Charlotte or Raleigh offices. If you have questions about HRC’s work in North Carolina to #turnOUT voters, please contact HRC Associate Regional Field Director Ryan Wilson at Ryan.wilson@hrc.org.

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