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Nov 10, 2016

I know this is hard

Fellow LGBTQ and Allied North Carolinians -

I am sure that these last few days have been scary, disappointing, and difficult for many of you as they have been for me. The election of Donald Trump represents a challenge to the long-fought-for rights of our community, and the rights that we have yet to win. I will not downplay how hard the job will be at all levels of government and in all walks of society to win full lived and legal equality - it's significant. But it's not insurmountable.

Proof positive of that is what happened on election night in North Carolina. We believe that when all results are certified, Roy Cooper will be the next Governor of our great state. Josh Stein, a champion for equality, beat back one of the worst anti-LGBTQ zealots by winning the Attorney General's race. And, we won a number of key legislative races for pro-equality candidates. We know that the eyes of the state and nation have been on HB2, and we know that a big part of the reason North Carolina looked different than other places across the nation on Tuesday was because LGBTQ rights were front and center. Thanks to your critical work with TurnOUT NC canvassing, phone banking, and talking to your friends and neighbors we WON on LGBTQ rights here in the Old North State. That was a phenomenal accomplishment by our community here in North Carolina which will have national impact.

Please, do not think that this message is to dismiss the pain and concern many of you have for our nation. I share that pain and concern. I cannot imagine how much stronger it must feel to young LGBTQ people, transgender members of our community, and people of color - LGBTQ or not. And, I don't think that we have won overnight even here in our state. However, let us also look at North Carolina and feel buoyed that our hard work can move hearts, minds, and elections. And then, let's double and triple our efforts to make sure everyone in America is safe, secure, and equal. And let's make sure we are working across the board for equality. The fight for LGBTQ rights is the fight for voting rights, racial justice, and civil liberties. Get some rest, and then volunteer with us at Equality NC, the NAACP of North Carolina, the ACLU of North Carolina, or any other group that will advance our common goals.



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