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November 6th Voterguide





Equality NC and Equality NC Action Fund PAC is proud to announce endorsements for the 2018 elections. We evaluated candidates using multiple factors, including responses to a LGBTQ-issue-based questionnaire, candidate interviews, public position statements, and past voting records.

  • No ID, No Problem: The courts struck down the monster voter suppression law, meaning you DO NOT need an ID to vote this year.
  • One Stop Registration (during early voting): If you aren’t registered to vote yet, you CAN register and vote at any early voting location in your county.

November 6th Voter Guide

The following candidates have won their primaries and will appear on the ballot on November 6th.

U.S. House of Representatives

District 2- Linda Coleman
District 4- David Price
District 5- DD Adams
District 6- Ryan Watts
District 7- Kyle Horton
District 8- Frank McNeill
District 9- Dan McCready
District 10- David Brown
District 11- Phillip Price
District 12- Alma Adams
District 13- Kathy Manning

State House of Representatives

District 2- Darryl Moss
District 8- Kandie Smith
District 9- Kris Rixon
District 11- Allison Dahle
District 13- Pene DiMaio
District 15- Dan Whitten
District 16- John Johnson
District 18- Deb Butler
District 19- Marcia Morgan
District 20- Leslie Cohen
District 26- Linda Bennett
District 29- Maryann Black
District 30- Marcia Morey
District 31- Zack Hawkins
District 34- Grier Martin
District 35- Terence Everitt
District 36- Julie von Haefen
District 37- Sydney Batch
District 50- Graig Meyer
District 56- Verla Insko
District 57- Ashton Clemmons
District 59- Steven Buccini
District 60- Cecil Brockman
District 61- Mary Price (Pricey) Harrison
District 62- Martha Shafer
District 63- Erica McAdoo
District 64- Elliot Lynch
District 68- Rick Foulke
District 69- Jennifer Benson
District 74- Terri LeGrand
District 75- Dan Besse
District 77- Bonnie Dawn Clark
District 82- Aimy Steele
District 83- Gail Young
District 84- Allen Edwards
District 85- Howard Larsen
District 86- Tim Barnsback
District 87- Amanda Bregel
District 89- Greg Cranford
District 92- Chaz Beasley
District 93- Ray Russell
District 95- Carla Fassbender
District 96- Kim Bost
District 97- Natalie Robertson
District 98- Christy Clark
District 100- John Autry
District 101- Carolyn Logan
District 103- Rachel Hunt
District 104- Brandon Lofton
District 105- Wesley Harris
District 109- Susan Maxon
District 114- Susan Fisher
District 116- Brian Turner
District 117- Gayle Kemp
District 118- Rhonda Cole Schandevel

State Senate

District 1- Cole Phelps
District 2- Ginger Garner
District 7- Barbara Dantonio
District 8- David Sink
District 9- Harper Peterson
District 10- Vernon Moore
District 15- Jay Chaudhuri
District 16- Wiley Nickel
District 17- Sam Searcy
District 18- Mack Paul
District 19- Kirk DeViere
District 20- Floyd B. McKissick, Jr.
District 22- Mike Woodard
District 23- Valerie Foushee
District 24- J.D. Wooten
District 25- Helen Probst Mills
District 27- Michael Garrett
District 30- Jen Mangrum
District 31- John Motsinger, Jr.
District 34- Beniah McMiller
District 35- Caroline Walker
District 37- Jeff Jackson
District 38- Mujtaba Mohammed
District 39- Chad Stachowicz
District 41- Natasha Marcus
District 42- Ric Vandett
District 43- Altriese Price
District 46- Art Sherwood
District 47- David Wheeler
District 48- Norm Bossert

District Attorney

Durham- Satana Deberry
Mecklenburg- Spencer Merriweather

Mecklenburg County Commissioners

At Large- Pat Cotham
At Large- Trevor Fuller
District 3- George Dunlap
District 4- Mark Jerrell
District 6- Susan Rodriguez-McDowell

New Hanover County Commissioners

District 2- Julia Olson-Boseman

New Hanover School Board

Judy Justice

Orange County Clerk of Superior Court

Mark Kleinschmidt

Pender County Commissioners

District 2- Carol Johnson

Wake County Commissioners

District 1- Sig Hutchinson
District 2- Matt Calabria
District 3- Jessica Holmes
District 4- Susan Evans
District 6- Greg Ford
District 7- Vickie Adamson

Wake County Clerk of Superior Court

Jennifer Knox

Wilkes County Commissioners

L.B. Prevette

NC Supreme Court

Anita Earls

Court of Appeals

Seat 1- John Arrowood
Seat 2- Toby Hampson
Seat 3- Allegra Collins

Superior Court

District 10D: Seat 1- Keith Gregory
District 18A: Seat 1- Lora Christine Cubbage
District 18D: Seat 1- Gavin Reardon
District 26E: Seat 1- Donnie Hoover

District Court

District 14: Seat 6- Amanda Maris
District 26A: Seat 2- Donald Cureton
District 26F: Seat 2- Khalif Rhodes

Constitutional Amendments

Vote NO on all amendments

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