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Equality NC Responds to Governor McCrory's Anti-LGBT Political Posturing

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- This weekend, Governor Pat McCrory attacked members of the trans community over Twitter and other forms of communication, in late response to a White House directive that schools must allow transgender students to use the restrooms that correspond to their correct gender under federal law.

McCrory said, "I asked Attorney General Roy Cooper to stop the federal government from taking over our schools, and challenge the ACLU and President Obama's attempt to force local districts to open sex-specific locker rooms and bathrooms to individuals of the opposite biological sex."

Chris Sgro, Executive Director of Equality NC, responded today, saying "This move is transparent and political. The Governor's language shows a politician pandering to a small minority of primary voters, and not a statesman leading the Old North State."

Sgro continued, "Equality NC and our friends at ACLU will continue to stand up for trans students and applauds the White House's clear direction that trans students should be able to use the restroom that matches their identity. With youth bullying and suicide rates being a crisis in this nation, picking on kids as a way to win political points is never acceptable. We ask Governor McCrory to reconsider his position and do what is right for students and kids, not what he thinks is right to score rhetorical points."

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