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MLK Day 2022 Call to Action

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2022 Book Drive - Equality NC + Flyleaf Books

Celebrate Diverse Literature This MLK Day

January 17 marks Martin Luther King Jr. Day, an annual day of service that celebrates the life and legacy of the late Civil Rights leader. To honor his life, spirit, and legacy of championing systemic change, we invite you to take up Equality NC’s 2022 call to action by donating to our book drive. Support our queer and trans youth, educators, and their families by helping us disseminate books that amplify their voices.

North Carolina is among many states across the country facing conservative efforts to censor and limit books, curriculum, and media which reflect racial equity, gender diversity and sexuality information. Targeted censorship against gender-inclusive literature is on the rise, and Gender Queer: A Memoir by Maia Kobabe has become one of the most challenged books of 2021.

In response to a recent attempt to remove Gender Queer from Wake County Public Library system, and in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, ENC is proud to partner with Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill. Although Gender Queer was returned to library shelves in Wake County after tremendous community pressure, many other systems still prohibit their patrons from accessing this important book. Your support through donations during this book drive will help ensure targeted books are available to youth, families, and educators who need them.

When LGBTQ+ youth are targeted and our schools become a battleground, we risk their mental health and overall wellbeing. Trans and queer young people thrive when they are respected in schools and honestly represented in narratives and stories. Let's celebrate diverse literature this year and make sure we all have books that give voice to our unique, lived experiences!

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