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Black Future Month

This year, Equality NC spent February honoring #BlackFutureMonth, a month-long celebration of Blackness and Black Americans who are collectively transforming the future of American life.

Today, we’re closing out #BlackFutureMonth by spotlighting Karine Jean-Pierre, a political campaign organizer, activist and queer Black immigrant who currently serves as Deputy Press Secretary to Jen Psaki in the White House.

Karine is nothing short of a history-maker. She briefly acted as chief of staff for Vice President-elect Kamala Harris during the presidential transition, officially making her the first Black LGBTQ person to hold the role in a presidential administration.

Karine and White House Communications Director Pili Tobar are also the first out queer women of color to ever serve on the White House communications staff.

Karine’s career is framed by work at progressive nonprofits, as well as three presidential campaigns, having served in the White House during Obama’s first term. She brings with her a wealth of experience to the Biden administration.

All of the #BlackFutureMonth political figures we’ve uplifted this month are barrier-breakers, much like Karine. They’re also all fighting to create a more equitable, compassionate world through their work, their lives and their politics.

Karine Jean-Pierre, Stacey Abrams, Vice President Kamala Harris and Sen. Raphael Warnock are all part of a movement to create a more just political landscape that works to include underrepresented communities -- not further shut them out.

At Equality North Carolina, we hold this set of values close to our chest and fight every day for a better system that brings our communities into the conversation. In the spirit of building a better future, we’d like to invite you to support our work in fighting for pro-equality representation in government in the years ahead.

For this month only, donations of $35 or more will provide you with an #ENCCrew membership -- which gives you insider access to our work and a gorgeous Black Resilience t-shirt! Thank you for supporting our fight for a pro-equality North Carolina -- and happy Black Future Month!

Black History Month 2020

Black History Month: Honoring Mandy Carter

ENC is honoring Black LGBTQ icons all month long.

Mandy Carter

Honoring Maya Angelou, an icon of our time

In honor of Black History Month, ENC is creating space to honor black icons whose work, live and legacies have proven integral to the advancement of lived equality for marginalized folks

Maya Angelou

Honoring Pam Spaulding, a pioneering voice in media

Today we're lifting up Pam Spaulding, a pioneering voice in the world of LGBTQ media who served as the editor and publisher of Pam’s House Blend during its nine-year run from 2004-2013.

Pam Spaulding

Honoring civil rights icon John Lewis

ENC is closing out Black History Month by celebrating the civil rights leader.

John Lewis

Black History Month 2019

Miss Major: Celebrating a mother of our movement

“I just want to make sure that things are better, and not just for me and my folk, but for everybody.”

Miss Major

Bayard Rustin: Honoring a gay man that history forgot

“We need in every bay and community a group of angelic troublemakers.”

Bayard Rusin

Black History Month: Happy Birthday Audre Lorde!

“I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.”

Audre Lorde

Black History Month: Langston Hughes

“In all my life, I have never been free. I have never been able to do anything with freedom, except in the field of my writing.”

Langston Hughes

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