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Current Legislation (2012-2013)

Equality NC Supports Employment Non-Discrimination Laws Protecting LGBT Workers

Nondiscrimination in State/Teacher Employment.

The Nondiscrimination in State/Teacher Employment (House Bill 647) is intended to amend the State Personnel Act to include sexual orientation and gender identity or expression to the list of classifications covered by the state's equal employment opportunity law. The bill also requires local boards of education to adopt policies for nondiscrimination in employment, including sexual orientation and gender identity or expression among the covered classifications.

House Sponsors: Representatives Tricia Cotham (D-Mecklenburg), Marcus Brandon (D-Guilford), Susi Hamilton (D-Brunswick, New Hanover), and Darren Jackson (D-Wake)

Nondiscrimination in State Employment.

The Nondiscrimination in State Employment bill (House Bill 429 | Senate Bill 544) seeks to protect state employees from discrimination based on "sexual orientation" and "gender identity." Equality NC worked to secure introduction of these bills protecting hardworking LGBT North Carolinians.

Senate Sponsor: Stein (Primary).

House Sponsors: Representatives Luebke; Brandon; Glazier; Harrison; (Primary) Baskerville; Cotham; Farmer-Butterfield; Fisher; Floyd; Foushee; Gill; Hamilton; Holley; Insko; Jackson; Lucas; McManus; R. Moore; Pierce; D. Ross; Wray.

Equality NC Opposes Efforts to Weaken the Healthy Youth Act

Clarify Input on Repro/Character Ed.

Equality NC opposes the Clarify Input on Repro/Character Ed. bill (House Bill 694). The bill would weaken the landmark 2009 Healthy Youth Act - which allowed for healthy and positive sexual education and shifted away from abstinence-only instruction. HB694 would allow parents to "opt out" of this important education, not only gutting the intent of the Healthy Youth Act, but also rewriting language of the HYA to remove the requirement that sexual education be led by credentialed experts in the field of sexual health education.

Sponsors: Whitmire; Jones; Stam; Avila; (Primary) Brandon; R. Brawley; Brisson; Brody; B. Brown; R. Brown; Burr; Cleveland; Faircloth; Ford; Hardister; Lambeth; Martin; McNeill; Millis; Pittman; Presnell; Ramsey; Riddell; Shepard; Speciale; Starnes; Steinburg;

Equality NC Opposes Efforts to Ban Gender Neutral Housing

UNC/Dormitory Rules.

Equality NC opposes a Senate bill (Senate Bill 658) that would overturn the University of North Carolina’s recently-adopted gender non-specific housing policy.The pilot program would allow students of different genders to share apartments or suites but would not allow students of different genders to share bedrooms. Students are required to opt into the program in order to participate. The Department of Housing and Residential Education set aside 32 spaces for the pilot program (.4% of total available housing). UNC’s Board of Trustees adopted the optional “gender-neutral” housing policy last year in part to alleviate harassment or bullying faced by gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender students.

Senate Bill 658 sets a dangerous legislative precedent of revoking basic protections for at-risk LGBT young people. While bill sponsors toss around groundless arguments that gender neutral housing somehow detracts from academics, these types of policies actually ameliorate systemic bullying and harassment of LGBT students—harassment that could otherwise lead to the very real dangers of depression, drop-outs and suicide.

Sponsors: David L. Curtis; Ben Clark; Chad Barefoot; (Primary) Austin M. Allran; Andrew C. Brock; Bill Cook; Warren Daniel; Don Davis; Jim Davis; Ralph Hise; Neal Hunt; Gene McLaurin; Wesley Meredith; E. S. (Buck) Newton; Louis Pate; Ronald J. Rabin; Norman W. Sanderson; Dan Soucek; Jeff Tarte; Tommy Tucker;

Equality NC Opposes Voter Suppression

Voter Protection and Integrity Act.

The Voter Protection and Integrity Act (House Bill 253 | Senate Bill 235) -- also known as a "Voter ID" law -- requires voters to either:

  • sign a photo affidavit, or
  • present a valid photo ID in order to vote.

Referred to Committee on Elections and then Judiciary.

Sponsors: Representatives Goodman, Lucas, Floyd, and C. Graham.

Election Omnibus.

This Election Omnibus bill (House Bill 451) does the following:

  • repeals Judicial Public financing – Section 1.23(b)
  • makes judicial elections partisan
  • repeals Same Day Registration
  • slices a week off Early Voting
  • bans Sunday voting during Early Voting
  • eliminated straight-party voting
  • makes it easier to send application for an absentee ballot using a pre-filled out form.

The bill has been referred to Committee on Elections, if favorable, Finance.

Sponsors: Representatives Starnes (Primary), Arp, Blus, R. Brawley, Brody, Whitmire,

Working with partners like the NAACP and Democracy NC, Equality NC supports civic engagement and increased access to the polls. Because these pieces of legislation have the potential disenfranchise thousands of North Carolina voters, we oppose these broad and restrictive voter suppression bills.

Equality NC Opposes Efforts to Put Minors' Health at Risk

Eliminate Exceptions/Med Treatment/Minors.

Equality NC opposes the Eliminate Exceptions for Teens bill (Senate Bill 675) that would require parental consent for physicians to treat, diagnose, and prevent teen illness, including STDs and HIV/AIDS.

Sponsors: Warren Daniel; Shirley B. Randleman; E. S. (Buck) Newton; (Primary) Chad Barefoot;

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