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Equality NC Remembers Windsor

By Jen Jones on 06/26/2014 @ 01:12 PM

Do you remember where you were when the Supreme Court struck down DOMA, bringing federal marriage equality to loving couples nationwide?


I'll never forget: one year ago today, I was behind my computer at the Equality NC offices in Raleigh, surrounded by a room full of excited staffers, and with the final ruling, all you could hear were audible gasps, cheers, typing, and calls as we frantically tried to alert folks of the historic result and what it could mean for people like you, your friends, your family.

One year later, we're preparing to do the same thing all over again. Check out our "marriage hub."

After all, just yesterday, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down Utah's ban on the freedom to marry, and, in doing so paved the way for marriage equality across multiple states.

Any day now, our 4th Circuit could do the same, ruling in favor of marriage in Virginia, and setting the stage for the freedom to marry in North Carolina, South Carolina, and West Virginia.

It's our turn. And we want you to be ready...informed...engaged:

Do me a favor? Share this blog to five friends right now. (Just like you did with the good news a year ago.)

Other Equality NC staffers share "where they were" on the day DOMA was struck down:

"I had been at work a little while when I heard the announcement on NPR. I immediately called Craig to tell him, and we shared in the excitement of the landmark decision and how it would ultimately impact our own freedom to marry and to jointly adopt our son. It was thrilling to have such a major, positive step forward. It was a moment where I could feel the arc of the moral universe actually bending, bending ...." - Shawn Long, Office Manager, Equality NC

"I was at the ENC office with my colleagues listening to the decision, trying to decipher what it meant for everyone." - Melissa Cartwright, Director of Development, Equality NC


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